The Banner Ad Isn’t Obsolete. It’s the Future.

The banner ad might seem like an artefact of the early Internet era that will inevitably die out. But its functionality is the key to the future of business.

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Imagine a world where every need is met right away. Your thermostat knows exactly where to set itself. Your car’s sound system knows which song to play, when. Your grocer already knows your preference of paper or plastic.

A lot of this sort of stuff–think self-driving cars–is already in the works. It’s little secret that personalization, customization, and automation will play massive roles in the future of business. A more central question is, how do we get there?

Entrepreneur John Battelle, an author, blogger, and one of the founding editors of Wired, thinks the basic infrastructure of the future of business and society was born in the early days of the web: the banner ad.

Writing on his blog, Battelle champions the banner advertisement–that relic of the early Internet that many consider obsolete–as an artefact in the “archaeology of the future.”

The ads that populate the web, the kind that know to show sneakers to a runner or business books to executives, provide a model of what personalization outside the confines browsers and traditional computer systems might look like, Battelle says:

At present, the end result of this vastly complicated “Request Process Response” system is, more often than not, the proffering of a banner ad. But that’s just an artefact of a far more interesting future state.

Today’s adtech has within it the glimmerings of a computing architecture that will underpin our entire society. … Every retail store you visit, every auto-mobile you drive (or are driven by), every single interaction of value in this world can and will become data that interacts with this programmatic infrastructure.


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